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Tarot: A Guide For Our Times

Julia Hesse, Sat. Aug. 17, 6-7:30pm, $20
Many are feeling some degree of anxiety and unsettledness at the division and polarization of the times, along with the apparent collapse of so many systems at once. This class will explore how Tarot can be a practical yet profound guide for us to navigate our way through these times. Our guiding question underlying the class will be, “How can I serve this moment in time in the highest possible way?” Discover the Major Arcana as a map of the soul’s journey, from separation, through the duality of time and form, to ultimate wholeness and unification of the self. We will then draw our own cards and discern the message they have for us, with Julia guiding us through steps to “activate” our reading to bring it to life, and finally close with a circle of dedicated beauty and blessing to our world.  No experience necessary. Bring your own deck or borrow one of Julia’s.  


Julia Hesse is a gifted and popular Tarot reader and teacher who is passionate about lifting Tarot from two-dimensional pictures on paper to living energies available to us at all times. She is the producer and designer of the Living Tarot Oracle, a training program and event that liberates the magic in us all to be a creative force in the world.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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