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Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Ceremony


Shalom Mayberg, Sat. Nov. 23, 12-6pm, $179

Join Shalom Mayberg for a carefully curated, full-day of sound healing. A typical, 90-minute sound bath offers participants physical and emotional healing and can also bring on spiritual clarity. Participants of Shalom’s events have said they experienced energy clearings, physical healing, emotional release, and a profound sense of self. Come participate in this  immersive experience of unraveling, deep healing, and new beginnings as we move through a sacred, sound healing journey together. During this intimate class of eleven people, we will support each other in our unfolding, healing, and growth by playing the crystal bowls and help to hold a container for our collective wellness. Please arrive on time and bring your personal mat and whatever you need to be comfortable (blanket, pillow, snacks etc.). 

Shalom is a sound and energy healer who teaches yoga and meditation to assist others in removing blockages for a more fulfilling life. He has trained throughout India and Asia in yoga, meditation, and the healing arts. Shalom’s CD, I’mperfect, is available for purchase at NRB.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929


FRIDAY 10-9:30





1338 NW 23rd AVE




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