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Shielding 101:

Survival Skills for Sensitive People 

Jai Medina, Sat. August 18, 6:30-8:30 pm, $25

Are you a sensitive, empathic person who finds yourself influenced by the emotions or energies of others? Do large groups of people, or even certain negative “vampires” in your life leave you feeling drained or overwhelmed? If so, you need to learn shielding! Step one to learning how to survive, and thrive, as a sensitive person is to learn to cleanse and protect yourself energetically, which in turn can allow you to open more to your psychic gifts. Learn easy, practical techniques to help you create an energetic container that can keep out the negative stuff and let in the good. We’ll discuss reasons, ways, and times one might shield, as well as different methods for cleansing when you’ve taken on too much. Come learn some invaluable tools that will last you a lifetime, and help give you a refuge of peace and sanity in our chaotic world. 


Jai Medina is an intuitive shamanic practitioner and the founder of the Balanzu Way School of Shamanic Arts. In addition to teaching, they work with clients in their private practice, Two-Spirit Shamanic Healing, and are part of an earth-based spiritual community called TRiBE.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929


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