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Sara Violante, Shamanic Healing Sessions



July 21

$100/hr. or $50/half hr.

Shamanic practitioner Sara Violante serves as a messenger and conduit between the human world (ordinary reality) and the spirit world (non-ordinary reality), directly interacting with the other realms to bring forth transformative energy, wisdom, and information. After a brief discussion of your goals, needs, and desires, Sara will journey to non-ordinary reality on your behalf to obtain information that will gain insight for what the healing session should entail.  Sara will also introduce you to any personal Spirit allies or Power Animals that wish to come forward to work with you, and offer their guidance on how to move forward. Sara Violante is a formally trained Shamanic Practitioner and a certified Practitioner of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Ryoho.


To Register Call 503-224-4929