To Register for a Reading Call 503-224-4929

To Register Call 503-224-4929

Sabrina Monarch, Evolutionary Astrology Readings

June 4, $150/90 min., $120/hr. or $65/half hr.

Evolutionary Astrology is a spiritual navigation system that can teach us how to live our truth, follow our bliss, and embody our true identity. Sabrina draws upon her knowledge of this profound tool to tune into others, reveal the energetic relationships at play in their lives, and mirror their soul-level essence. The experience leaves her clients more deeply connected to their potential and unique journey. Sabrina honors you as the expert of your own life, offering her gifts in service of a friendly and supportive collaboration between beings on the path. Sabrina Monarch is an intuitive and Evolutionary Astrologer known for the deeply rooted presence and peace she brings to her sessions. Apart from thousands of hours of astrological study and practice, Sabrina also draws influence from transpersonal psychology, Eastern and Western philosophy and spirituality, classic and contemporary literature, and her own mystical experiences. Her weekly forecasts can be followed at