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Robin Friedman, Energy Sessions & Heart Wall Clearing

Feb. 5

$110/hr., $55/half hr., or $30/15 min.

What do you long for that isn’t expressing in your life? The fact that you want it shows that it is possible for you — it’s “on your radar” — and the fact that you aren’t experiencing it yet may point to blocks in the way. These energetic blocks can be trapped emotions or limiting beliefs that we absorbed and have been programmed with. As you clear these, watch as your life on the outside absolutely begins to reflect those inner changes. With Robin Friedman, Integrative Energy Practitioner, we will use muscle testing to quickly identify and release these blocks. These can sometimes can show up as a “Heart-Wall”, a layer of protection formed after emotional pain or distress. As we clear these walls and blocks, it can feel like the sun is shining in again, with fresh air for us to breathe. Robin also offers Goal Alignment Sessions to assess how aligned and in-tune your subconscious beliefs and energy system are with achieving your goals – be they health, emotional or financial – and determine what needs to clear. You will also receive a before and after Alignment Reading. If you are only 21% aligned with your goal or intention it will probably be a struggle to manifest, whereas if you are 97% aligned it will happen naturally and easily. 


Robin Friedman is an Integrative Energy Practitioner who shares energy tools such as Emotion Code/Body Code, muscle testing, EFT, and Eden Energy Medicine for others to experience greater health, happiness, and spiritual connection.

To Register Call 503-224-4929