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Richard Seidman, Oracle of the Kabbalah



October 21, 22

$75/45 min. 

The Hebrew word for letter – “ot” – also means “wonder” or “miracle”. In the mystical Jewish tradition of Kabbalah, the Hebrew letters themselves are elements of Creation. In a reading with Richard Seidman, creator of the Oracle of Kabbalah, these wondrous letters come to life, offering the profound wisdom, power, perspective, and layers of possibility they each embody and express. Bring forth your deepest life questions, and the letters of the Oracle will offer their guidance, perspective, and insight. Richard’s insightful, compassionate, and open interpretations lead to a experience that is rich, fun, meaningful, and useful for seekers of all backgrounds, faiths, and paths. Richard Seidman is a longtime student of Jewish mysticism, Zen Buddhism, and indigenous traditions whose teachers include Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield zt”l, Robert Aitken, and Martín Prechtel. Founder of the Portland nonprofit Friends of Trees and author of A New Oracle of Kabbalah: Mystical Teachings of the Hebrew Letters, Richard currently lives in Ashland, Oregon.

To Register Call 503-224-4929