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Raina Rowland, Intuitive Oracle Reader in Portland

Raina Rowland, Cards of Destiny Readings

$125/hr., $65/half hr. or $35/15 min.


**Raina has moved to Maui. Please email her at if you need to get in touch.**

The Destiny Cards are a mystical science hidden in what looks like an ordinary deck of playing cards. Learn your magical birth cards; your soul’s identity in this current lifetime. Discover your unique past-life gifts as well as areas of spiritual growth and challenge through the Karma cards. Explore your chart for the year ahead in the areas of love, finances, work, health and timing. Understand the intimate details and energetic connections in your relationships. Raina Rowland, a Magi Counselor, has seen the accuracy of the cards at work in her clients’ lives for many years. Combining her intuition and love of the cards, she enjoys sharing this with everyone. A CD of the session will be provided. 


VIDEO:  Raina Talks About Her Work with the Cards of Destiny

To Register for a Reading Call 503-224-4929