Big Medicine: Transforming Your Relationship With Your Body, Health, And Community

Pierre Morin, MD, PhD, Weds. Dec. 11, 7-8:30pm, $15

Big Medicine is a guide for anyone who is interested and healing, including “patients,” providers, and caregivers who want to uncover the deeper meaning of physical symptoms and build a new relationship with their bodies. Author Pierre Morin, MD, PhD, revolutionizes the field of medicine by explaining the body’s manifestations as a Process—one that is neither bad nor good, neither “sick” nor “healthy.” Dr. Morin explores how, through our body’s innate intelligence, we can gain creative and spiritual insights that help us appreciate our inner diversity and understand our most profound selves. These powerful discoveries will not only stimulate our own personal healing—they can also inspire us to foster community, systemic, and social change.  


Pierre Morin MD, PhD, currently works as clinical director and supervisor with refugees and trauma survivors in a community outpatient mental health setting, in Portland Oregon. As a physician in Switzerland he worked in the fields of brain injury recovery and psychosocial medicine. He is a co-author of Inside Coma, author of Health in Sickness and Sickness in Health and has written numerous articles on mind-body medicine and community health. His newest book is Big Medicine: Transforming Your Relationship With Your Body, Health, And Community.  He is an international coach and trainer and the current co-president of the International Association of Process-Oriented Psychology.


FRIDAY 10-9:30





1338 NW 23rd AVE




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