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Nancy Ashmead, Traveler Oracle Intuitive Readings

Special Guest Reader!

Oct. 14, $40/30 min.

Nancy is the creator of the Traveler Oracle, a deck of mystic imagery to stimulate awakenings, new awareness, and personal healing. In a reading with Nancy, you’ll contemplate on a personal inquiry while drawing from the Traveler Oracle. From the cards and her own intuition, Nancy will craft a reading specifically for you and where you are at in this moment on your soul’s journey.  Nancy Ashmead is an artist, writer, and an intuitive. Aboard a 42-foot sailboat, she sailed throughout the eastern Caribbean Archipelago for more than two years. This is where some of the art work that would become the Traveler Oracle was created. Over the course of her life she has visited 36 countries, returning most often to Italy and India. Retired co-owner of an award-winning vocational school with campuses in Seattle, Vancouver, WA and elsewhere, she now resides in Ashland, OR, where she served as a founding BOD member of the Ashland Art Center.

To Register Call 503-224-4929