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The Magical Scent of the Tarot: Creating Magic with Aromatherapy and the Tarot


Ailynn Halvorson, Sat. Oct. 27, 11-1pm, $20

Each of the seventy-eight cards within the tarot contain a message, an energy, a vision for us to decipher and work with.  Each energy carries with it an elemental force that is the voice of that message.  The question is how does one wish to work with this energy, this message? Working with plant energies through the use of essential oils can bring about shifts to create the magical force that leads you on your chosen path.  Learn how to call in the energies of magic through the combination of scent and tarot.  Be sure to bring your cards and your sniffer! 


Ailynn Halvorson has been guided by the Tarot for over 40 years. Her joy is teaching the secrets she has learned as well as continuously learning from all her students. Ailynn is also an aromatherapist and creator of the line of aromatherapy sprays called The Queens of Tarot. Check New Renaissance’s reader calendar for Ailynn’s Tarot reading dates.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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