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Linda Negrin & Jonnetti Bernard - Aura Imaging and Pranic Healing Sessions

May 22,  $25/15min

Have an emotional issue you want to shift or physical injury that needs healing? Do you just need a tune-up and some stress relief? Pranic Healers Linda Negrin and Jonnetti Bernard, team up to bring you a healing experience utilizing aura imaging and Pranic Healing. See your aura on Inneractive’s AVS aura imaging system, then Linda and Jonnetti will work together to cleanse and energize your system with Pranic Healing based on your Auric imprint. Pranic Healers since 2003, Linda and Jonnetti utilize the power, grace and ease of energetic Pranic Healing techniques to assist people through physical ailments and emotional duress by removing negative and diseased energies from the aura.

To Register Call 503-224-4929