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Linda M. Held

Intuitive Readings & Clearings 


**Special Guest Reader**

June 22, July 6

$120/hr. or $70/half hr.

Drawing upon earth medicine and shamanic traditions, Linda M. Held will guide you into healing past issues and addressing your current life challenges. She will bring in your team of Angels, Ancestors, Guides to support you in this healing
journey of recovering your authentic self. When we have discovered what is in the way of you living your most dynamic life, information will come through that serves as homework for your next steps.

Linda M. Held is a coach and spiritual teacher living at the foot of the magical Mt. Shasta, California, who has worked as a psychic medium for over 20 years. She has led workshops, vision quests, wilderness adventures, women’s groups, and sweat lodges since 1988. Linda studied under Reverend Pearl Shannon and many native teachers, including Karuk ceremonial leader Charlie Thom (Red Hawk), Grey Ana Lope, Henry Tyler, Jimmy Blackburn, and Jerry & Lillian Este.


To Register Call 503-224-4929