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O!  Deity Divine!

Exploring the Beauty & Power of

Kali and VajraVarahi

Laura Santi, Sat. Sept. 15, 3-4:30pm, $20

Come listen to a talk about the Goddess Kali and her sister, VajraVarahi, and leave with templates to paint or color them! Laura Santi has been enjoying painting thangkas, Buddhist deity art, and Hindu deities for 18 years. Join her to learn about her work, which you might have noticed hanging on the walls of New Renaissance, and thangka painting in general, giving history and keys to look at and understand this type of art. We will explore the rich symbolism of this iconography, its poetic beauty and expressions that are full of love, even in paintings that at first glance might seem like grimacing monsters or stern monks. Kali is very popular these days; Laura will talk about why that might be, and also why we might want to think about what deities we offer our hearts to and for what reason.  Kali’s imagery is thousands of years old - it has become part of the DNA of a culture, and expresses thoughts and feelings based on visions and experiences wrought about by intense spiritual work. Laura looks forward to sharing what has been written about these deities and what their purpose in our lives is about. Feel free to color as we discuss!  Please bring thin markers or colored pencils, and sharpeners for your pencils.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929