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Grow Your Business the Wise Woman Way


Kaya Singer, Weds. April 11, 7-8:30pm  $25

The world needs you to help create a more just and loving society through your work. As visionary women in business, you can make a difference through your business. You no longer have the luxury to operate from your old feelings of self-doubt. In this workshop, learn some important ways to by-pass those painful fears that hold you back and make you hide from your brilliance, and access the clear next steps to harness your power and grow your business in the direction it wants to go. With entrepreneur Kaya Singer, join in circle with other visionary women on the path to growing highly successful businesses doing what you love.


Kaya Singer is an artist, mentor, and author of Wiser and Wilder: A Soulful Path for Visionary Women Entrepreneurs.


“Women need to be with their inner world, in body, mind, spirit, and heart before they can be their best in the outer world because these two mirror each other. You will work way more effectively when you are centered tuned in, and accessing all the parts of yourself that make you a whole woman.”

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929