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Juls Madel, Pendulum Reading and Assessment



Dec. 31  $150/hr.

Get back on track and gain insight to your highest evolutionary path with a Pendulum Assessment from experienced empath, Juls Madel. Using the power of the pendulum, Juls will access solutions provided from a higher plane, tapping into your energy field to detect imbalances. Lift the “blocks”, or “disrupters” found on the physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual planes, and address what is needed to bring you back to a healthy, balanced you. Juls Madel has spent over 20 years exploring the human anatomy and physiology during her time as a Radiology and CT Technologist. Over time of working with radiation and “seeing” inside the body her empathic and intuitive gifts grew. She has worked with the pendulum for over 25 years.

To Register Call 503-224-4929