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Judith Hill, Astrological Readings


Sept. 26

$175/hr. (includes 2 hours of prep time)

Judith Hill is a master astrologer of proven skills. She won an NCGR skeptic’s challenge by matching 5 charts to 5 biographies! An internationally recognized researcher and award winning author of seven books, she is expert in vocational, natal, spiritual, and transit astrology. She has given roughly 9,000 readings in her career and is one of the longest practicing astrologers in the United States. Her books include Vocational Astrology, Medical Astrology, The Lunar Nodes, and The Astrological Body Types. Her readings are practical and include a beautiful, hand drawn copy of your birth chart. Bring a tape or purchase one from NRB. Cancellation deadline is 7 days. If clients miss or cannot attend their reading, a taped reading will be provided anyway!

To Register Call 503-224-4929