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Jewel Marin

Life Purpose Readings and Coaching


Feb. 26, Mar. 18

$125/hr., $75/half hr. or $40/15 min.

Experience psychic readings that name—and move—the things you can’t on your own. Jewel sees into your true purpose, shows exactly where and how you are caught in its expression, and the precise practices necessary to create the life you want to live. She gives step-by-step guidance in line with your unique nature to finally achieve your goals. These readings are unique in that they work in combination with the body, actively shifting stagnant energy on physical and emotional levels during the session so you are not the same person when you leave as when you first walk in the door. You’ll leave energized, with a sense of accomplishment, and knowing exactly how to get where you want to go with confidence and ease.


Jewel Marin is from a long line of seers on both sides of her family, and started her work in 2009 with a dramatic psychic awakening.

To Register Call 503-224-4929