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Jennifer Crews, Child Intuituve Readings for Parents and Spirit Readings for Teens


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$100/hr. or $50/30half hr.

Receive information, answers, and insights to your questions, concerns, issues, and interests about your child. Jennifer will share with you how your child views their world, their strengths, their life lessons, why they were born to you, what you are both learning from one another, their food allergies, health issues, and learning styles. Your child does not need to be present and it is recommended that they do not attend the session. Jennifer can connect with your unborn child as well. Jennifer  Crews received her Masters degree in Speech Language Pathology from the George Washington University. Her career began as a pediatric speech language pathologist serving in the educational and medical fields.  As a communications specialist for over 18 years she worked with children who were unable to speak, and she learned to connect with the inner beauty in everyone.

To Register Call 503-224-4929