Ingrid Kincaid, Spiritual Guidance & Rune Wisdom Readings

To Book a Session, Please Call Ingrid at 415-652-3990

$160/90 min., $120/hr. or $66/half hr.

Some things can only be seen in the dark. Some wisdom can only be found in the roots. When you come to Ingrid seeking guidance and answers, she will take you down into the Well of Memory that lies hidden and protected in the roots of the World Tree. In the Well you will see the runes, which will reveal to you what you know on the deepest level of your being. A reading with Ingrid will help you find your way back to the Earth so you can reconnect with the wisdom of your body and remember the wisdom of your indigenous ancestors. 


Ingrid Kincaid is an internationally recognized author, teacher, and spiritual elder whose work is rooted in the wisdom traditions of her pre-Christian, Northern European ancestors.