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Elke Macartney, Aura Portraits and Soul Readings



August 12, 13  $150/hr.

All of us are surrounded by an Aura that expresses itself in beautiful colors. Elke sees these Soul colors and the spiritual symbols that describe your unique Spirit. During the one-hour Aura Portrait session, Elke will paint an 8”x10” watercolor portrait of what she sees and speak to you of your life’s purpose, physical and emotional health, current life trends, and steps you can take to further your life’s work. Elke Siller Macartney is a wisewoman, modern shaman and teacher living in Anacortes, WA. For 33 years, she has ignited people’s lives by pointing to and supporting their purpose on earth. Elke is a master of rituals and spiritual teaching, as well as an author, mother, wife, Aura seer, and humble servant of Spirit. 

To Register Call 503-224-4929