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Sacred Healing Workshop


Diane Dennis, Sat. May 26, 11-1pm, $20

Embark upon the inner journey to discovering the root causes of the disconnect between what we want and what we have, so that we may take the steps towards actualizing our true desires. In this experiential exploration, we will learn to identify our blocks, the keys to recognizing any unhealed emotional wounds that stand in the way of Self-Love, Relationship Fulfillment, Financial Freedom, and Spiritual Intimacy. With facilitated exploration, guided brainstorming, imagining and mapping, and making a plan for change, we will learn the causes and effects that support old beliefs and learn tools to re-write our story going forward. 


Diane Dennis is an Intuitive, a certified Life Transition Coach, teacher, author, columnist, and professional speaker.  Diane is writing her second book, The Healing Matrix, which will be out in Early Fall 2018.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929




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