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David Yarrow Wood 

Evolutionary Astrology, Tarot & Reiki


Nov. 26

$177/90min., $122/hr. or $66/half hr.

Evolutionary Astrology reveals the map of our soul’s journey through this lifetime. Within this rich symbology is a limitless well of information about our multidimensional existence, including who we have been (past lives/karma), who we are growing into (evolution), and how to access the timeless gifts of our own soul. Any topic that is up for you can be explored with this “big picture” modality for greater clarity and insight. The Tarot is a living spirit with which we can engage in dialogue for awareness and guidance around any situation. Reiki is pure energy from the Source of Creation. When we become a conduit to receive and direct Reiki energy, we allow healing, upliftment, grace, and love to enter any area of our lives that we so choose. David will work with any or all of these complementary tools at your request as we intuitively direct the session in the service of your highest good. 


Astrology & The Soul 5 -Week Course

Dec. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29


David Yarrow Wood is an Evolutionary Astrologer, energetic intuitive, and Reiki practitioner. Through his classes, consultations, and writings, David feels called to shift our relationship to the cosmos in a way that empowers and guides us. His weekly forecasts are available on his Facebook page ( and the New Renaissance email newsletter. David also teaches and offers private sessions at New Renaissance and out of his office in downtown Portland.

To Register Call 503-224-4929