Are you unable to make it to New Renaissance to have a reading, or do you have a

life circumstance in more urgent need of insight and energetic support? We may be able to set up a long-distance reading for you with one of our expert remote readers:


- Emily Rose (By Phone or Zoom), our Tarot and Lenormand Reader based out of the Olympia, WA area

- Jane de Forest (By Phone or Zoom) our Intuitive and Medium based out of Camas, WA

- Mark Mezadourian (By Phone) our Intuitive and Medium based out of Ashland, OR

Emily, Jane, and Mark also regularly visit Portland for in-person sessions at New Renaissance.

To set up your remote or in-person reading, 

call New Renaissance at 503-224-4929.

Emily Rose, Tarot and Lenormand Readings

Available for Remote Readings by Phone or Zoom!

Call New Renaissance at 503-224-4929 to set up a remote appointment.


$100/hr. or $65/half hr.

Looking for some clarity? Whether you are facing a difficult decision, have questions about love, or are looking for your purpose, a reading with Emily Rose can provide guidance with actionable steps. She utilizes the divinatory cards of both the Tarot and Lenormand to help you create a conscious future while providing a warm, safe space where soul work can flourish. Emily Rose has been reading Lenormand since she was 12 years old. She is dedicated to promoting self-growth in clients through intuitive card readings rooted in traditional meanings with contemporary nuances.

Jane de Forest, Intuitive Readings

Available for Remote Readings by Phone or Zoom!

Call New Renaissance at 503-224-4929 to set up a remote appointment.


Available for in-store readings on Dec. 15, 20, Jan. 5, 10, 25

Remote Pricing$229/90 min., $175/hr. or $115/half hr.

As an intuitive coach, animal communicator, and medium for almost 20 years, Jane has worked with personal and business clients all over the world. She is known for the integrity, humor, talent, and sensitivity she brings to her sessions, which leave her clients feeling inspired, supported, and seen. With her automatic drawing technique, Jane often draws exact renderings of people and places she has never seen, and the images and messages she receives are documented in an original art piece for clients to take with them. Jane also assists couples in rediscovering the mystery, establishing deeper connection. Jane’s pro bono and volunteer work includes facilitating communication for children with special needs, her “save the bees” project in Ecuador, and Director of Portland IANDS (International Assoc. Near-Death Studies).  Jane de Forest is a professional artist, author, Reiki master, intuitive, and teacher.  he has studied with a Lakota Shaman, Buddhist meditation teachers, as well as at the Rhode Island School of Design, and has journeyed to sacred sites in Peru, Bali, Sedona and Egypt. Her multiple-award winning book, Love Never Dies: A Psychic Artist Illustrates True Stories Of The Afterlife, is an entertaining first-hand account of people reunited with loved ones and animals in the afterlife.

Mark Mezadourian, Intuitive Readings & Clearings

Available for Remote Readings by Phone!

Call New Renaissance at 503-224-4929 to set up a remote appointment.

Available for Instore Readings Dec. 6, 7, 8, Jan. 17, 18

$150/hr., $75/half hr. or $38/15 min. 

An Intuitive Reading is an opportunity to receive clear guidance about any area of your life, with the intention of making your world bigger. Mark will open a direct connection with your angels and guides, so we may receive their guidance and loving encouragement for us in this moment with clarity and ease. We will then put that information into action, as well as clear away any blocks, old beliefs and outdated patterns, creating space for you to thrive. We can engage in a variety of techniques to assist you in being your most powerful, dynamic self. Mark holds a space that is gentle, insightful, grounded, and expansive for others to move through profound and transformative experiences along the spiritual journey. Mark Mezadourian is a medium and intuitive who specializes in connecting with angels and guides. You can visit Mark’s website to download free meditations.

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