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Boarding the Train to 2020: What’s in Your Spiritual Back Pocket?

Kelly Davidson, Fri. April 5, 7-8:30pm, $18

As we embark upon an epic journey into the future of humankind, we need to be prepared for this grand adventure. Each of us will need to gather strength and insight for a particular destination. In astrological terms, this translates to a particular area in your life. Each of us has a divine spiritual purpose for being here at this time. What is yours? Will you need to stand up and be seen as a leader? Or will you need to be a grounded anchor for home and family? Will partnerships be your major area of responsibility, or will career and leadership for society at large become the focus? Astrology describes what you will need in your spiritual back pocket as humanity faces a turning point in 2020 when the old guard begins to fall away and a new more egalitarian model comes forward. Will you show up and learn what this turning point means for your life? Join Kelly Davidson as she looks ahead and gets us ready to board the train to 2020 and beyond.


Please  email your birth information (date, time, location) ahead of time to Participants will receive a copy of their natal chart and a transit report for the year ahead via email after the class. 


Kelly Davidson has been a student of Western Astrology for over 42 years. She specializes in predictive work and helping clients discover their Soul purpose. She believes that everyone came in with a Map, the birth chart, to help guide them through the mysteries of their life.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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