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Well-Being Satsang with Atma Nambi

Atma Nambi, Sun. Sept. 8, 5-7pm, $25

How do we live an aware, healthy, and blissful life regardless of the circumstances? The greatest potential to heal and live in peace and Self-realization is within us. Join in satsang with Atma Nambi, who joins us from India to share the meditation techniques, transformative presence, and deep wisdom he has come to embody through a life of conscious awakening. Receive a glimpse of your true Self! 


Atma Nambi, born in Tamil Nadu, South India, knew from an early age that he had the ability to know the potentialities of human beings. He worked with five different teachers to gain in-depth knowledge and wisdom about humanity. Atma Nambi’s powerfully healing and transformative work playfully and dynamically guides others to their natural state of consciousness. The meditation techniques and practices he shares are powerful, simple, and easy to use in each moment of everyday life.  


Optional: Throat Chakra Activation will be held following the Satsang from 7-7:30pm. Tickets for Throat Chakra Activation can be purchased directly from Atma Nambi’s team the evening of the Satsang. Throat Chakra Activation Fee: $50.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929

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