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Ascension Spring Forward:

Intuitive Adjustments, Connections, and the Ascending Energy

Lori Seeborg, Sun. April 29, 2-4pm, $20

Join New Renaissance intuitive and energy worker Lori Seeborg to adjust and adapt your existing intuitive abilities to Spring’s ascending energies and gateways. The new codes available at this time are facilitating a powerful energy transformation, which we can use to reconnect to our multidimensional selves and move into our core ionic structures. This is an activation for a new level of your intuitive and healing engagement with the world. Together, we will clear karmic goop and soul contracts mucking up your present time and integrate strengths and soul lessons from past and future lifetimes into this life. We will anchor and integrate this healing to the soul, carrying it forward through all experiences your soul is to experience. All lifetimes will shift and realign for needed perspective changes and the awakening of unique tools and wisdom to spring forth your life from. Lori Seeborg is a New Renaissance healer and psychic intuitive who practices in Portland.

To Register Please Call 503-224-4929


FRIDAY 10-9:30





1338 NW 23rd AVE




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