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Anaiya B Tianne

Reiki & Intuitive Guidance

Mar. 27

$120/hr or $60/half hr.

Reiki practitioner and intuitive guide Anaiya is a natural teacher. She works through the heart, using a unique combination of Usui Reiki, energetic movement, shamanic practices, alchemy and intuitive readings to help bring you to peace, joy, wholeness, and alignment with your Soul, or True Self. Anaiya believes that we are all Masters within ourselves, that we each hold all required knowledge, powerful gifts, healing, wisdom and information within. Her intention in offering her services is based upon this belief, offering support, counsel and loving guidance for self-mastery. By tuning to fields within limitless possibility, Anaiya offers inspiration for others to expand their conscious awareness, evolve further into highest ways of Be-ing, receive liberation, and create shifts into unity and peace. Leave feeling supported, rejuvenated (invigorated or relaxed, or both, depending upon your needs!) with a nice energy boost. Encouragement, love, intuitive counsel, clarity, light, compassion, comfort, and aid to self-empowerment are some of the gifts clients receive from sessions with Anaiya.

To Register Call 503-224-4929