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At New Renaissance Bookshop, we offer our guests the transformative opportunity to have an Akashic Record Reading and Clearing.  Terry McGill, one of the leading Akashic Record Readers in Portland, will guide you through this process with insight and compassion.    

Terry McGill, Akashic Record Reading and Energy Clearing

To schedule a session, Click Here or email Terry at


$150/hr. or $85/half hr.

Blocked in Love, Finances, Career, or Soul Journey?  Terry McGill accesses your Akashic Records to reveal the blockages to your success in those or other areas.  He then follows highest guidance to clear the blockages as appropriate.  You can also expect to receive directions from your Guides of practical methods to move through this stage of your life.  Terry McGill is an advanced teacher and healer, trained and certified by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang and empowered to Read the Akashic Records.  Terry also hosts Third Wednesday events here at New Renaissance Events Center; and shows videos of Dr. and Master Sha every Tuesday evening at The Sage Center in Beaverton.

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To Register for a Reading Call 503-224-4929

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