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To register for a reading call the store (503.224.4929) during business hours. Online registration is not available.

Paul RichardPaul Richard, Evolutionary Astrology with Tarot Readings
June 20, 26, July 25, 31, $150/90 min., $125/hr. or $65/half hr.
Paul helps you to hear the deepest longings, messages and wise guidance of your Soul as you face the challenges of the present and seek your highest good for the future. Paul combines both astrology and Tarot in his intuitive, healing readings. Using Evolutionary Astrology to gain a clear understanding of your Soul’s Original Agreement, your past-life liabilities and blind spots; and then using Tarot to open a deep intuitive dialogue with the Soul regarding your present concerns, circumstances, and desires for the future - you can achieve healing, peace, empowerment and passion. Paul Richard is recognized, both professionally and by sacred lineage, as a Spiritual Elder and Guide in the Celtic, Native American and Western spiritual traditions; with 35+ years experience in astrology, tarot and archetypal psychology. PaulHRichard.com

Raina RowlandRaina Rowland, Cards of Destiny Readings
June 19, 26, July 9, 17, 23, $115/hr. or $60/half hr.
The Destiny Cards are a mystical science hidden in what looks like an ordinary deck of playing cards. Learn your magical birth cards; your soul’s identity in this current lifetime. Discover your unique past-life gifts as well as areas of spiritual growth and challenge through the Karma cards. Explore your chart for the year ahead in the areas of love, finances, work, health and timing. Understand the intimate details and energetic connections in your relationships. Raina Rowland, a Magi Counselor and an NRB buyer and manager, has seen the accuracy of the cards at work in her clients’ lives for many years. Combining her intuition and love of the cards, she enjoys sharing this with everyone. A CD of the session will be provided. MagiCardsofDestiny.com

Theresa CarmodyTheresa Carmody, Sacred Circle Tarot and Relationship Readings
June 17, 21, July 5, 16, 21, $125/hr. or $65/half hr.
Theresa utilizes a unique blend of transformative tools cultivated through a lifetime of training and experience to help you connect more clearly with your own inner wisdom. She has the ability to see into the realms of potential and discern information that assists you on your life path. Tarot is a tool of sacred journey; it can reveal information that helps you choose the direction of your next step. To help with relationship questions, Theresa reveals patterns of connection and ways to alter those patterns to create greater peace and harmony. And, using a process informed by both hypnosis and shamanic journey work she can assist you in developing connection with your guides and helpers. TheresaCarmody.com

Ailynn HalversonAilynn Halvorson, Tarot Consulting and Angelic Readings
June 28, July 12, 26 $111/hr. or $65/half hr.
Ailynn  is certified in Angelic Healing and  Angelic Readings along with the Tarot and is currently a student of Aromatherapy. With insight and compassion, Ailynn helps you explore the deeper issues and messages that arise from your session with the Tarot and to find the blessings and lessons in your situation.  Angelic Oracle Cards are also used in your readings for clarity and further insight. Ailynn Halvorson has been reading the Tarot for the last 30 years and currently does Elemental Tarot Readings in conjunction with Aromatherapy. butterflyriver.com.

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