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Special Guest Readers

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To register for a reading call the store (503.224.4929) during business hours. Online registration is not available.

Jennifer Crews, Child Intuituve Readings for Parents
Jennifer CrewsJuly 11, $100/hr. or $50/30half hr.
Receive information, answers, and insights to your questions, concerns, issues, and interests about your child. Jennifer will share with you how your child views their world, their strengths, their life lessons, why they were born to you, what you are both learning from one another, their food allergies, health issues, and learning styles. Your child does not need to be present and it is recommended that they do not attend the session. Jennifer can connect with your unborn child as well. Jennifer Crews received her Masters degree in Speech Language Pathology from the George Washington University. Her career began as a pediatric speech language pathologist serving in the educational and medical fields. As a communications specialist for over 18 years she worked with children who were unable to speak, and she learned to connect with the inner beauty in everyone. Intuitiveteachings.com

Raven Mardirosian, Tarot Readings
Raven MardirosianJuly 1, Aug. 24, $125/hr. or $65/half hr.
The Tarot is one of the best guides in life. As a skilled reader, Raven uses the cards to help you uncover your potential in different areas of your life. It’s a highly interactive, transformative meeting. This is the beauty of the cards; they reflect what you already know, and reveal it to you when you need it the most. Raven Mardirosian is the author of the bestselling memoir, The Reluctant Tarot Reader: Adventures in the Gypsy Trade. Known for her humor, sensitivity and insight, Raven is a soughtout Tarot reader and teacher who has given thousands of sessions to clients

Debbie Ritter, Akashic Record Readings
Debbie RitterJuly 19, Aug. 16, $125/hr. or $65/half hr.
An Akashic Record reading gives you the soul-level perspective on any challenges currently in your life. The records are a dimension of unconditional support and compassion, there to help each seeker on their journey. In this realm, information is available, sometimes in unexpected ways. Lifelong intuitive Debbie Ritter has used the Records to assist with changes in her life, and is here to help you do the same. Meeting you exactly where you are, together you will shine a light into dark places, get clarity and diminish fear. Debbie Ritter is an Advanced Practitioner and Teacher certified by Linda Howe’s Institute for Akashic Studies. Debbieritter.net

Michael Sheehan, Tarot Readings
Michael SheehanJuly 18, $175/90min., $125/hr., $65/half hr.
Whether you are looking for love, money, direction, opportunity, or freedom, a tarot reading can provide useful information to place you on the shortest path to your happiness. Michael will help you receive new insights for your life, current situation, or possible paths laid down before you. Michael believes you have the power to live your dream, to achieve any goal you have set for yourself, and is here to help you understand your power to use it more effectively. Michael Sheehan is a true metaphysician whose deep understanding of the connection between our thoughts, our feelings and our experiences, can guide you in any situation. Michael’s broad education and experience include shamanism, mysticism, metaphysics, eastern and western philosophy, world religions, astrology, numerology and 30 years experience reading Tarot cards. He co-founded the Langley Mystery School with astrologer Gretchen Lawlor and has taught Tarot classes and seminars in Washington and Oregon.

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