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Special Guest Readers

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To register for a reading call the store (503.224.4929) during business hours. Online registration is not available.

AuroraAurora, Energy Healing, Past Lives, Psychic Intuitive
Mar. 16, Apr. 27, $130/90 min., $90/hr. or $45/half hr.
Working with light beings, AurorA helps clarify your purpose and potential for this incarnation. She answers personal questions, past lives, and helps you move forward. AurorA helps you raise your vibration and connect you with your guides. She also corrects and aligns your energy field for the newer human consciousness. AurorA is a highly sensitive intuitive and energy healer. Once a month, she hosts a Metaphysical Fair at New Ren and has led other groups towards empowerment for 20 years. 

Linda StirlingLinda Stirling, Intuitive and Past Life Readings
Mar. 2, 20, 24, Apr. 6, 21, 25,  $125/hr., $70/half hr.
Linda has the ability to zero in on the core issues you need to resolve for wholeness and to quickly see one or more of your past lives. As a spiritual healer, she can help you resolve issues you may be carrying that affect your well-being or that needs to be addressed for the elevation of your soul. Often, Linda can also see where the focus of your life purpose in this incarnation is supposed to be. Linda Stirling is the author of Confessions of a Sunday School Psychic and is a non-denominational spiritual teacher and healer working through Spirit to bring healing to those who need it. Yourlovingspirit.com

Jason WarrickJason Warrick, Shamanic Rune Reader
April 23, $100/hr or $50/half hr.
Runes are powerful symbols that are rooted in earth wisdom, nature and the cycles of life. Each rune is a finger pointing to a principle, a law, a force or an energy in the Universe. They originate in the ancient, spiritual teachings of Old Norse and Germanic traditions. Runes work on a vibrational level, connecting with your inner wisdom and aligning with what you know to be true in your body, mind and heart. During a reading, Jason connects with the spirits of the runes asking them for information and guidance that will support you on your path. Jason Warrick is a Rune master with over 20 years experience in the study and practice of this magical system. He has followed the path of Asatru since 1991.

Katrina WynneKatrina Wynne, Tarot, Lenormond and Dream Analysis Sessions
Mar. 13, 14 15, 17, Apr. 12, 13, 14, $100/hr. or $60/half hr.
Katrina, an internationally recognized teacher and professional psycho-spiritual counselor, has guided souls on their journey at NRB since 1995! She combines over 40 years’ experience with the Tarot and other metaphysical traditions with 25 years as a mental/spiritual health counselor to support your most wonderful life. With wisdom and compassion, she assists you in integrating the challenges and blessings from your session. Any topic is welcome and will be explored in a safe, personal and professional manner with light and love! Katrina’s new book An Introduction to Transformative Tarot Counseling, is available at NRB. Bring a tape, or purchase one from NRB. TarotCounseling.org

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