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Kelly DavidsonKelly Davidson, Astrological Consultations
June 11, 16, 18, 27, July 8, 19, 22, 31, $150/90 min. or $125/60 min. or $65/30 min.
Everyone has their own individual timing based on the exact moment of their birth. You have your own personal events calendar. This calendar affects the times when doors open easily and times when, no matter how many keys you try, the door remains locked. Depending on the nature of your question, or particular challenge, Kelly will interpret the astrological influences currently affecting your life, and show you how to recognize and utilize the opportunities that are coming your way, and align yourself with planetary influences. Kelly Davidson has been a student of Western Astrology for over 40 years and a practicing Astrologer for the last 15. She specializes in Predictive work and helping clients discover their Soul purpose. She believes that everyone came in with a Map, the birth chart, to help guide them through the mysteries of their life.

Kelly DavidsonJo Garceau, Shamanic Astrology Readings
June 17, 23, July 6, 20, 28, $150/90 min. or $125/60 min. or $65/30 min.
Who am I?  What is my purpose?  What’s keeping me from it?  What’s my greatest concern?  Meeting as partners, we begin by inviting our spiritual friends to guide us. Noting the archetypal Gods or Goddesses you most relate to, we then review your gifts and challenges and explore creative ways to grow,  addressing your opportunities and potential for career success, relationship harmony, home, increased creativity, spirituality and world service, travel and education, and health.  In the last third of our time together, we look at what’s likely to unfold over the next six months to a year.  Jo Garceau, a Certified Shamanic Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, and author of Knowing Woman, Nurturing the Feminine Soul has read for clients internationally since 1990. KnowingWoman.com

Paul RichardPaul Richard, Evolutionary Astrology with Tarot Readings
June 20, 26, $150/90 min., $125/hr. or $65/half hr.
Paul helps you to hear the deepest longings, messages and wise guidance of your Soul as you face the challenges of the present and seek your highest good for the future. Paul combines both astrology and Tarot in his intuitive, healing readings. Using Evolutionary Astrology to gain a clear understanding of your Soul’s Original Agreement, your past-life liabilities and blind spots; and then using Tarot to open a deep intuitive dialogue with the Soul regarding your present concerns, circumstances, and desires for the future - you can achieve healing, peace, empowerment and passion. Paul Richard is recognized, both professionally and by sacred lineage, as a Spiritual Elder and Guide in the Celtic, Native American and Western spiritual traditions; with 35+ years experience in astrology, tarot and archetypal psychology. PaulHRichard.com

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