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To register for a reading call the store (503.224.4929) during business hours. Online registration is not available.

Lauren BalinLauren Balin, Intentional Astrology
Sept. 10, 17, 27, Oct. 8, 21, 29, $150/90 min., $125/hr. or $65/half hr.
Intentional Astrology will help you discover and activate your deeper potential.  A reading will provide you with a greater understanding of your unique nature and will help you make more empowered choices. Your reading will leave you with greater clarity and focus in what the patterns and circumstances of your life have meant so far; your innate gifts, true passions and desires; beliefs or blocks that might be keeping you from achieving what you really want; your life theme and what you really came here to do. Lauren Balin is a Certified Evolutionary Astrologer for more than 25 years. Her readings are spiritually based and offer an in-depth understanding of the soul journey in both this and past lives. Intentionalastrology.net

Kelly DavidsonKelly Davidson, Astrological Consultations
Sept. 3, 14, 23, 25, Oct. 12, 25, 27, 28, $150/90 min. or $125/60 min. or $65/30 min.
Everyone has their own individual timing based on the exact moment of their birth. You have your own personal events calendar. This calendar affects the times when doors open easily and times when, no matter how many keys you try, the door remains locked. Depending on the nature of your question, or particular challenge, Kelly will interpret the astrological influences currently affecting your life, and show you how to recognize and utilize the opportunities that are coming your way, and align yourself with planetary influences. Kelly Davidson has been a student of Western Astrology for over 35 years and a practicing Astrologer for the last 12. She specializes in Predictive work and helping clients discover their Soul purpose. She believes that everyone came in with a Map, the birth chart, to help guide them through the mysteries of their life.

Kelly DavidsonJo Garceau, Shamanic Astrology Readings
Sept. 2, 17, 24, Oct. 1, 15, 31, $150/90 min. or $115/60 min. or $65/30 min.
Shamanic Astrology is based on the idea of “As Above, So Below, As Within, So Without”. Thus, during your reading we will utilize archetypal imagery to look at what you brought into life, your current gifts and challenges. Then we’ll move on to your Life Intent...Who am I?...What is my purpose?...and What’s keeping me from it? Finally, we will look at transits impacting you during the next six months to a year. You will receive a tape of the session as well as copies of the charts used. Jo loves to look at specific questions and areas of concern, such as relationships, career or creativity issues, spirituality, and other matters. Jo Garceau, Certified Shamanic Astrologer, has read for clients internationally since 1990, is a Wisdom Council member and personal assistant to Daniel Giamario, founder of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School. KnowingWoman.com

Judith HillJudith Hill, Astrological Readings
Sept. 4, Oct. 2, $160/hr. (includes 2 hours of prep time)
Judith Hill is a master astrologer of proven skills. She won an NCGR skeptic’s challenge by matching 5 charts to 5 biographies! An internationally recognized researcher and award winning author of seven books, she is expert in vocational, natal, spiritual, and transit astrology. She has given roughly 9,000 readings in her career and is one of the longest practicing astrologers in the United States. Her books include Vocational Astrology, Medical Astrology, The Lunar Nodes, and The Astrological Body Types. Her readings are practical and include a beautiful, hand drawn copy of your birth chart. Bring a tape or purchase one from NRB. Cancellation deadline is 7 days. If clients miss or cannot attend their reading, a taped reading will be provided anyway! JudithHillAstrology.com

Paul RichardPaul Richard, Evolutionary Astrology with Tarot Readings
Sept. 26, Oct. 11, 17, $150/90 min., $125/hr. or $65/half hr.
Paul helps you to hear the deepest longings, messages and wise guidance of your Soul as you face the challenges of the present and seek your highest good for the future. Paul combines both astrology and Tarot in his intuitive, healing readings. Using Evolutionary Astrology to gain a clear understanding of your Soul’s Original Agreement, your past-life liabilities and blind spots; and then using Tarot to open a deep intuitive dialogue with the Soul regarding your present concerns, circumstances, and desires for the future - you can achieve healing, peace, empowerment and passion. Paul Richard is recognized, both professionally and by sacred lineage, as a Spiritual Elder and Guide in the Celtic, Native American and Western spiritual traditions; with 35+ years experience in astrology, tarot and archetypal psychology. PaulHRichard.com

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